Friday 2 September 2011

Rockoon Flight, CAA preliminary approval.

Me and Hanna went up to Wellington last week to try and convince CAA to let us fly the microprize rocket from a balloon without a transponder.   Looks like they are going to let us do it :)   There are some provisions we have to meet, but I anticipate no big problem with them.

We were planning to fly in the Canterbury plains but due to all the controlled airspace there we are going to have to move the flight to Southland.  At the moment I'm roughing out flight predictions centered around a small town called Tinkertown, which seems appropriate :)    We will also have to start the flight at night to avoid as much air traffic as possible and there are a lot of flight zones we must keep out of at all times (such as around Queenstown).  This should all be doable and with the rocket launching at or just before dawn should make for some spectacular photos from the top.  

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