Friday 2 September 2011

Battle Blimp Boards, PCBs

The PCBs for the battle blimps boards have finally arrived.  We got them on the Dorkbot PCB group order and they have taken ages to arrive.  I think they got lost in the postal system as the PCBs from dorkbot have always arrived much faster than this.

The battle blimp boards are based on the Leaflabs Maple.  The PCBs on the left are the microboards with the ARM cortex chip, the ones ont he right are the motor/radio shield.  In all we got 18 PCB's of each made up.

We will have one spare which we can use to test the current handling of the motor driver chips and the high power Fets.   As the traces are only 1ounce per square inch they won't handle that much current before exploding so we will investigate roughly what that point is.  We have a work around for people who want to sink heaps of current with the fets.

I'll order the parts from Digikey this evening and then we will run the SMT assembly workshops once they arrive :)


  1. Umm, these PCB's were about USD350 but there are a lot of them and they are both 4 layer. For small orders dorkbot pcb group order is a pretty good way to go: you get 3 2-layer boards for $5 a square inch no minimum order.

    For high current there is actually plenty of space on the pads (for heat sinking) which we can solder fat wires too.

    I'll release the PCB layout and schematic (kicad) soon just have to sort open source license stuff for them.

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