Monday 25 July 2011

Battle Blimp PCB

One of the projects I'm involved in running is the University of Canterbury Aerospace Club.  Our big event this year is Battle Blimps :)

The plan is for people to battle their blimps until the other blimp is no longer capable of flight.  The simple version of the rules is as follows:

100 gram weight limit. (including envelope)
No flame weapons.
No untethered projectile weapons (Unless you are prepared to demo its safety int he usual fashion)
No intentional jamming of opponents controls.

Other than that people can do what they like.   I designed a pair of battle blimp boards, a micro board and a battle blimps motor board.  The micro board is based strongly off the tested mini rocket flight computer board ( but with better separation between the analog and digital sections.   The motor/high power board is a pair of TB6612FNG dual H bridges and 4 30 amp NFets as low side switches.  It also has a RMF12B transceiver with a  library based on the JeeLabs JeeNode code:

Obviously the traces will horribly explode if someone tries to draw 30 amps though the board but we have a work around for that.  Not that I can think of a battle blimps need for 30amps but people can then use the boards to drive little robots etc.

The design will be licenced as open hardware.

The Microcontroller board with ARM cortex M3

The Battle Blimps high power/motor shield with the RMF12B transceiver

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