Tuesday 5 July 2011

100k foot Microprize

There is currently a prize on offer on the Arocket mailing list for USD10k (ish) for the next team to launch a rocket 100 000 feet above its launch altitude. Its being offered primarily by John Carmak of Armadillo Aerospace and Doom fame.

The team 9.99 special project division currently intends to do this by launching a scratch built rocket with an off the shelf solid rocket motor from a balloon. Little rockets hate drag, being at ~30km at launch means the rocket can go much high than it can in the lower atmosphere.   This little rocket is going to be a fair bit larger than the D-motor rocket we tried to launch from a balloon last year :P

Proceeds of the prize will go toward a little celebratory beer and building bigger rockets :P  But realistically we are just having fun with this project.

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