Monday 3 October 2011

Building the MegaMini

On Sunday the canterbury aerospace club populated the first of 2 PCB's for the battle blimps competition.  Hanna took some great photos and video of the build day.

It went reasonably well and we got the maple bootloader onto a few of the boards.  Next week we will run the second half of the workshop where we build the battle blimps shield which we will be using for communications and motor driving on the blimps.   We will also finish up the few boards incomplete megamini boards

It was great fun to use the pick and place machine and looking at solder paste under a microscope is amazing.  It looks like a pile of ball bearings, I strongly suggest you try it some time :)

Quite a number of the group had never even soldered before and I think throwing them in the deep end and starting with surface mount has been quite good.  There seems to be a perception that surface mount is really hard when actually it isn't that bad. 

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